Volume 2 Issue 2

Molecular Docking and Receptor based analysis of H1N1 Antiviral drugs
Sibi G, Dhananjaya K and Bhimanagouda R Patil
Bioresearch Bulletin (2011) 2: 109-113
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Studies on the Germination and Growth of Mustard (Brasica nigra) and Castor(Ricinus communis) seeds irrigated by Distillery Spentwash
Chandraju S, Siddappa and Chidankumar C S
Bioresearch Bulletin (2011) 2: 114–120
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Phytoliths of Ferns IV: In Some Aquatic Ferns and Chinese Brake Fern
Mazumdar J and Mukhopadhyay R
Bioresearch Bulletin (2011) 2: 121-124
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Antioxidant Activity of Some Wild Mushrooms of Kashmir Valley
Shauket Ahmed Pala and Abdul Hamid Wani
Bioresearch Bulletin (2011) 2: 125-129
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Two hitherto unreported macro-fungi from Kashmir; Himalaya
Shauket Ahmed Pala, Abdul Hamid Wani, Bodha R H, Bilal Ahmad Wani, Mohd Yaqub Bhat,Riyaz Ahmed Mir and Taskeen-un-Nisa
Bioresearch Bulletin (2011) 2: 130-134
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Vascular cambial activity in Populus nigra L. from temperate climate of Kashmir Himalaya
Bilal Ahmad Wani and Amina Khan
Bioresearch Bulletin (2011) 2: 135-144
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