Volume 1 Issue 2

Research Articles


Homology Modeling and in silico Analysis of COX from Channa punctata  (Bloch)

Azhaguraj  R.  Selvanayagam  M.

Bioresearch Bulletin (2010) 1: 44-50

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Finger Printing of Eleusine coracana l. (gaertn) using Microsatellite Markers

Sinha. A and Pande A

Bioresearch Bulletin (2010) 1: 51-58

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Nutritional Additives of Distillery Spentwash on the production of Radish (Raphanous sativus), Onion (Allium cepa) and Garlic (Allium sativum) Medicinal Plants in Normal and Spentwash Treated Soil

S. Chandraju, R. Nagendraswamy, C. S. Chidankumarand R. Venkatachalapathy

Bioresearch Bulletin (2010) 1: 59-64

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Effect of cobalt-60 irradiation on the tissue damage and cell deformation in albino mice

Akanksha Singh, Chetna Sharma, Balaji Raja R.

Bioresearch Bulletin (2010) 1: 60-68

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Variation in levels of three energy providing molecules Viz. Glycogen, Total lipid and protein in two Passerines with diverse breeding strategies

Bhavna Bharucha & Padate GS.

Bioresearch Bulletin (2010) 1: 69-80

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Analysis of Heavy metal distribution in Withania somnifera (Nattu Amukkura)

Subash Chandran   G. Savariraj Sagayam and     A.G. Murugesan

Bioresearch Bulletin (2010) 1: 81-84

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Irrigational Impact of Distillery Spentwash on the Growth, Yield and Nutrients of Leafy Vegetables Soil

S. Chandraju C. S. Chidankumar  R.Venkatachalapathy

Bioresearch Bulletin (2010) 2: 85-93

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Impact of clinical pathogens on the gut toxicity of selected albino mice

Abhinav Chaurasia, Abhishek Chaudhary, Balaji Raja, R.

Bioresearch Bulletin (2010) 2: 94-97

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Environmental and social aspects of Pongamia

A. John De Britto and P. Peter Baskaran

Bioresearch Bulletin (2010) 1: 98-101

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Genetic analysis of Vitex negundo L. using RAPD markers

D. Abiya Chelliah,  A. John De Britto,  R. Mahesh and N. Nirmal Kumar.

Bioresearch Bulletin (2010) 1: 102-105

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