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Bioresearch Bulletin (ISSN 0976 576X) aims to publish theoretical and applied research articles from all aspects of biological research.(See Aims & Scope)

Open Access

Bioresearch Bulletin is an open access journal which implies that all articles will be available online once published. Open access research articles gain high readership and helps the research community immensely.

Stringent Peer-Review

Articles are reviewed by qualified reviewers who are specialized in the field, editors and in-house editors. Bioresearch Bulletin has an innovative system of authors suggesting reviewers while submitting the paper. Our constructive peer review model enables authors to publish their work with finesse.

Quick Publication

We aim to publish your work quickly from the submission time. Our simplistic review tools makes the review process quick and easier. The turnaround time is usually around 3-4 weeks.


High Impact

Articles in Bioresearch Bulletin are freely available and will be indexed in major repositories and databases. This enables high readership of the work.

We promote every work individually in various platform so as the author and his research work gain high visibility.

Clear and Neat Typesetting

We have a great in-house typesetting team to convert your manuscript into a neat and clear article for both print and online version.


Bioresearch Bulletin charges just 199 USD for publishing your article with all the features mentioned here. We have optimized our process to ensure that the manuscript processing fee is low and not a constraint for authors. There are no extra page charges, page limits, image or video charges. A Free copy of your published article would be printed and sent to you.

Impact Metrics

Authors will be informed monthly about the citation and impact of their published work in various portals. There is no extra charge for this service.


Reviewer Points

Each time when a reviewer reviews a paper he is awarded some points. The points can be used as a discount on the manuscript fee or the points can be redeemed as money (Approx.1 point = 1 USD) every 6 months. (more details)

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