Volume 1 Issue 1

Research Articles

Assessing the ecological status of prominent medicinal herbs in central Sudan and the challenge of sustainable management
H.H. El-Kamali
Bioresearch bulletin (2010) 1: 01-07
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Effect of nutrients on in-vitro culture of Morus alba l. (white mulberry)
Ankit Pradhan, A. S. Vishwanathan, R. Basavaraju.
Bioresearch bulletin (2010) 1: 08-12
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Bacteriological assessment of some swimming pools within Ilorin metropolis, Kwara, Nigeria.
Sule I.O, Oyeyiola G.P
Bioresearch bulletin (2010) 1: 13-17
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Impact of industrial effluents and sewage on river Thamirabarani and its concerns
P. Peter Baskaran,  John De Britto
Bioresearch bulletin (2010) 1: 18-20
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Susceptibility of Crab Chitosan against Staphylococcus aureus
G. Sugumar, U. Ramesh & A. Selvan
Bioresearch bulletin (2010) 1: 21-24
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Antimicrobial activity of marine Bacteria associated with Polychaetes
C.V. Sunjaiy Shankar, A. Hepziba Jeba Malar, S. Mary Josephine Punitha
Bioresearch bulletin (2010) 1: 25-30
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Laboratory culture of Microzooplankton Tintinnopsis cylindrical [Daday 1887]
S.Vijayaragavan, P.Vivek Raja
Bioresearch bulletin (2010) 1: 31-34
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A study on acute toxicity , oxygen consumption and behavioural changes in the three  major carps, Labeo rohita (ham), Catla catla (ham) and Cirrhinus mrigala (ham) exposed to Fenvalerate

T. Anita Susan   K. Sobha   K.S. Tilak
Bioresearch Bulletin (2010) 1: 35-43
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